How to Find a Psychiatrist

findingaPsychiatristIn order to gain access to a Psychiatrist, you should seek a referral from your local/family GP. Pychiatrists usally require a referral from a GP although in certain cases they may accept referrals from a therapist, where appropriate. Partial refunding for visits to a Consultant Psychiatrist is available under private insurance/health cover, although this is sadly not the case in this country for visits to a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist except where CBT is made available in the context of a hospital inpatient service.

When making an appointment with a psychiatrist, it’s ok to inquire about the individual’s qualifications as well as his/her experience with any of these disorders since the professional training may vary.


What to Look for in a Therapist

OCD Ireland has created the following guide with respect to help you choosing a therapist. It has been adapted from “How to Choose a Behaviour Therapist” by Michael Jenike, MD as well as the International OCD Foundation Guide.

It can be downloaded from here.


Med 1 Scheme

Medication and visits to the GP and/or psychiatrist are elligle for partial refunds under the Medical One Scheme. Here is where to find the Med 1 form.

Also, if you have private insurance, such as BUPA or VHI, it may be worthwhile to see what treatments are covered under their plans.