Happy Christmas to one and all from everybody at OCD Ireland! As the year draws to a close, we want to thank everyone who has helped make our mission such a success. Many thanks to Professor Lucey, the Anxiety Unit and St. Patrick’s University Hospital staff for always being there for OCD Ireland. Without their support, OCD Ireland could not have accomplished all what it has in the last year.

Thank you to everyone who helped us by giving their time and expertise to talk at our free public lecture series:  Ms Fionnula MacLiam, Ms Aisling Leonard Curtain, Ms Yvonne Tone, Prof Jim Lucey, and Dr Michael McDonagh and Mr Aaron Swift. We would also like to give a warm thanks to our talented and skilled volunteers for all their hard work who give so much of their valuable time.

Thanks to those of you for your generous donations over the year. Donations go towards covering the cost of supervision, training and website management. Thank you so much! Last, but by no means least, we offer our sincerest thanks to those who have had the courage to reach out to us for help, either with their own difficulties, or with coping with thedifficulties of a loved one.

Merry Christmas!

The OCD Ireland Team