Our Staff

  • Brian Davis

    Co-founder and Acting CEO

  • Simon Tierney

    PR Manager

  • Ben Kitchen


  • .

    Supervision & Mandatory Training Coordinator

  • Jacqueline Mooney

    Calendar/Observations Coordinator

  • Hazel Brady

    Co-Clinical Advisor & New Members Coordinator

  • Jennifer Gavin

    In–House Training Coordinator

  • Kathryn Lambe & Melissa Anderson

    Public Lectures Coordinators

  • Frank Smith

    Clinical Advisor

  • Kevin O’Flynn

    IT Manager

OCD Ireland is a national organisation which provides support and information to people suffering with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) and Trichotillomania (TTM).

A Member of the IMHC

The Irish Mental Health Coalition (IMHC) has accepted OCD Ireland as an endorsing organisation. Signing up to be an endorsing organisation means that:

  1. The IMHC can use the name of the organisation in a public manner, as an organisation supporting the mission and objectives of the Irish Mental Health Coalition.
  2. Endorsing organisations are invited to consider engaging in activities to support the IMHC advocacy work programme.

Structure of OCD Ireland

Steering Committee

This is the executive committee of OCD Ireland. This is a group of volunteers who meet several times a year to review and discuss and make decisions about the organisation.

Professional Advisors

Our advisory panel consists of voluntary Mental Health Professionals:

Professor Jim Lucey MD, PhD, FRCPI, FRCPsych. Medical Director, St. Patrick’s Hospital, James St, Dublin and Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Trinity College, Dublin.

Medical Advisor

Professor Jim Lucey is a psychiatrist with a special interest in obsessive compulsive disorders. He qualified in medicine in 1983 and trained at the Department of Psychiatry, Trinity College, based at St. Patrick’s Hospital, where he took his MD in neuroendocrine studies of patients with OCD. Dr. Lucey undertook higher professional training at the Maudsley Hospital, and was a Wellcome Trust Research Fellow with Professor Isaac Marks and Professor Rob Kerwin working on functional neuroimaging of OCD at the Institute of Psychiatry, London University.

He was awarded his PhD for this research while a Senior Lecturer in St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, London. Upon returning to Ireland in 1999 Dr. Lucey took up the position of Director of the Anxiety Disorders programme at St. Patrick’s Hospital where he is a consultant. Recently, he has become a Medical Director of St. Patrick’s Hospital, where he continues to concentrate his interest on the diagnosis and management of OCD.