Our Staff

  • Brian Davis

    Co-founder and Acting CEO

  • Simon Tierney

    PR Manager

  • Ben Kitchen


  • .

    Supervision & Mandatory Training Coordinator

  • Jacqueline Mooney

    Calendar/Observations Coordinator

  • Hazel Brady

    Co-Clinical Advisor & New Members Coordinator

  • Jennifer Gavin

    In–House Training Coordinator

  • Kathryn Lambe & Melissa Anderson

    Public Lectures Coordinators

  • Frank Smith

    Clinical Advisor

  • Kevin O’Flynn

    IT Manager

Group Facilitators

  • Hazel Brady
  • Grace Kealy
  • Trisha Magennis
  • Cathal Donnelly
  • Kathryn Lambe
  • Jennifer Gavin
  • Myles Trearty
  • Lisanne O’Loughlin
  • Melissa Anderson
  • Kevin Flynn
  • Katie Grogan
“I really enjoy working with OCD Ireland. The facilitators do fantastic work as the support groups are a lifeline to so many of our service users”.
(Simon Tierney, PR Manager, OCD Ireland).